Thank you Comtrade

A conference starts with finding a venue and we are thrilled to have the offices of Comtrade as our venue. They have been kind to sponsor their space and have been very helpful with making WordCamp Belgrade possible / awesome.

Also, the venue is not the only thing that Comtrade will provide. Our attendees will enjoy coffee prepared in Comtrade’s bar, use it’s WiFi and for those who didn’t make on our Attendees list, Comtrade will provide Live streaming, more details about that one are coming soon!

All of these are coming completely free of charge and there is no words for us to describe how thankful we are to Comtrade.

About Comtrade

Established in 1990, ComTrade is a leading IT company in the region with offices in 11 countries across Europe and North America. Our technology centers are located in three major cities – Ljubljana (Slovenia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Comtrade is a system of companies that operate in the field of software solutions, system integrations and hardware distribution. With a proven track record of delivering industry-leading IT solutions and software engineering services, ComTrade has become a trusted developer of end-to-end technology products and solutions in various industries.

Read more about Comtrade and check out couple of images of our awesome Venue on our page Location.