Marius Veltan

Topic Title:
Writing WordPress code that’s universal

Talk Description:
I work in the client support team at Presslabs. On a daily basis, we come across issues that our clients face due to plugins and themes not being implemented according to WordPress standards, not being cache-friendly, not going by RFC recommendations, interfering with other plugins and the list goes on. The presentation will outline useful advice for writing WordPress code that is universal and does not necessitate adjusting after switching the theme, activating a plugin or moving to a different host.

Why do you want to speak at #wcbg:
I’m an enthusiastic supporter of contributing to the open source community, especially to the WordPress community. I see in my participation as a speaker at WCBG the opportunity to publicly address a series of issues that I’ve come across and found viable solutions to. Not once has it been the case that after suggesting a fix for an issue to a plugin author, I ran across the issue, once more, caused by a different plugin, and had to go through the debugging/fixing/doing a pull request/waiting for an update sequence yet again. I hope that the experiences I have faced will serve as a useful heads-up for developers which aim at writing quality code for WordPress.

Twitter: @presslabs



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